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That Bond Forever

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    Brian & Amanda December 2011

    My husband and I decided to try for our first child shortly after we got married. Being young and healthy we did not anticipate any problems getting pregnant. We tried for over a year and much to our disappointment we still weren’t pregnant. Our general doctor kept telling us that it would happen eventually but we began to get really frustrated. A family friend recommended Dr. Cherry to us.
    I began seeing Dr. Cherry in June and he immediately had suggestions for how to increase our chances for pregnancy. He gave me an incredible book which included diet suggestions, which I followed to the letter. He also gave me a regimen of herbal supplements which I took daily. I saw Dr. Cherry once a week for three months and I looked forward to my weekly visits. Three months into my visits my husband and I were thrilled to discover that we were pregnant. Our first baby is due in May 2012. We cannot thank Dr. Cherry enough!

    March 26, 2016

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    Graham and Kacie

    My husband and I decided to start trying for our first child just after our 2 year anniversary. We were both 28 and thought it may take a few months, but weren’t really sure. We found out about 6 months in that I was not ovulating. My doctor put me on Clomid to stimulate ovulation. After the first two rounds with nothing happening, I became quite discouraged. Someone gave me Dr. Cherry’s name so I decided it was worth a try. I started seeing Dr. Cherry in September 2010. I got a positive ovulation test by November and was so excited! Two months later I became pregnant with our first child!
    Every week I looked forward to my time with Dr. Cherry and his staff. They became friends I got to see weekly. Even throughout the pregnancy, I was sad when my appointments went from weekly to monthly. But overall, I credit Dr. Cherry with helping my husband and I welcome our beautiful baby girl into our lives and become wonderful friends at the same time. I look forward to the time I get to go back for future pregnancies!

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    Anonymous January 2012

    My husband and I didn’t decide to have children until I was 40 due to my prior health history. I was very fortunate to be able to get pregnant easily with my first child and had her when I was 41. At the age of 42 we decide we wanted another baby. We tried for one year before I got pregnant but I unfortunately miscarried that pregnancy. We continued to try to conceive naturally but without success. We consulted with a reproductive endocrinologist who told us that we had a 1-3% chance of conceiving naturally and that even if I did conceive I would have a 50-60% chance of miscarriage. Further, I was not a candidate for clomid and doing IUI with or without medications would maybe increase our chance by a couple percent; our best option was to do IVF with a donor egg. My husband and I decided that we weren’t comfortable doing any fertility treatments; the RE suggested acupuncture if we were going to continue to try naturally.
    I started treatment with Dr. Cherry in January of 2011. He did a very thorough history and was frank with me that my chances weren’t great but he thought that acupuncture might be able to help improve my odds. He gave me a wonderful book that recommended some dietary and lifestyle changes and prescribed some herbs. I made some modifications to my diet but primarily I significantly increased my fruit and vegetable intake. I have a rare and serious auto immune disease and I was impressed that he educated himself on the specifics of my condition and adjusted his treatments accordingly. I was probably a challenging patient because my body often responded to the herbs and treatment in ways that were not expected. He adapted and revised my treatment program as needed and when something wasn’t working he always seemed to come up with a creative alternative solution.

    I got pretty discouraged many times throughout my treatment and he was always such a wise and calm force. He never told me that pregnancy was guaranteed but without many words he helped me to find peace with whatever the outcome might be and I was able to start restoring some balance in my life. After 7 months of treatment I got pregnant! I am now 25 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. All tests and ultrasounds indicate that she is healthy and the pregnancy is going great. I will be 45 years old when I deliver her. I am so thankful to Dr. Cherry for his skill, patience, wisdom, encouragement and support. I would highly recommend him and his skilled, knowledgeable and kind staff.

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    Anonymous November 2012

    I first went to see Dr. Cherry in November 2010 when I was in the middle of my third IUI cycle and feeling desperate. My husband and I had been trying for nearly two years. We had had a miscarriage the previous year and then I couldn’t get pregnant again.
    When I went to see Dr. Cherry, I had just started hormone injections for the IUI and I was having a terrible reaction to them. Dr. Cherry immediately put me at ease. He listened.

    He gave me a book, The Infertility Cure, and told me to follow certain dietary restrictions and do acupressure points, which made me feel like I was an active participant in achieving my goal: a healthy baby. I remember when he left the room, he smiled and said he guessed I’d get pregnant within a few months. Dr. Cherry gave me hope.

    I continued to see Dr. Cherry weekly. The acupuncture got rid of most of the side effects from the hormones, so after a few months I mostly felt like my old self. I felt like Dr. Cherry always listened to my body and the fertility clinic doctors’ protocol, prescribing herbs during my off months and switching up the cocktail when changes needed to be made. It took me a few months longer to get pregnant than we thought, but I did. Every week, he listened to my concerns and health issues. He was compassionate, positive and encouraging. He even recommended an acupuncturist for my husband, who couldn’t make Dr. Cherry’s hours because they conflicted with his work schedule.

    After six failed IUI’s, my husband and I decided to do IVF. Dr. Cherry got me ready and came to my embryo transfer to perform the IVF protocol. After I got pregnant, I had regular appointments throughout my pregnancy until I delivered. When I was feeling nauseous during the first few weeks, he got rid of the queasiness. I felt great during most of pregnancy and I attribute that in part to acupuncture. I delivered a healthy boy in spring 2012. I feel I could have never achieved my dream of having a baby if hadn’t done acupuncture with Dr. Cherry. I would recommend him to anyone having trouble getting pregnant.

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    Jennifer– April 2014

    After my 1st failed IVF and doing research on my own on the benefits of using acupuncture alongside Assisted Reproductive Technology, I reached out to Dr. Cherry’s office. Hesitant at first of what it would be like to receive acupuncture treatments, I was immediately put at ease by Dr. Cherry and his associates’ professionalism and care to make me feel comfortable. In the weeks and months ahead, I began to experience and feel a difference in my body as I prepared for a 2nd attempt at IVF. On the day of my transfer, one of Dr. Cherry’s associates met me at my IVF clinic and completed a treatment immediately before and after my transfer. I felt more relaxed and prepared this time in part because of using acupuncture alongside my doctor’s expertise. That IVF cycle was successful and I’m now expecting a baby any day! I continued throughout my pregnancy with acupuncture treatments and I know it has helped me maintain a healthy and flawless pregnancy. I honestly do not think I would have had the success I had without the help of Dr. Cherry and his associates. I highly recommend them all!

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    Jenny – Auburn, CA– April 2014

    After three miscarriages within a year, my husband and I were anxious for things to go differently. We were now classified as having “recurring pregnancy loss” and I hoped that something like acupuncture would help my body sustain another pregnancy. I met with Dr. Cherry and he spent time listening to my story and talking with me about his practice. He advised me to begin acupuncture treatments weekly and put me on some herbal supplements as well. The idea was that he would make sure blood flow to my uterus was healthy and sufficient and that the rest of my body was functioning as well as possible. At the same time, we began seeing a fertility doctor who eventually recommended I have a hysteroscopy procedure to look at and clear out my uterus (all of our tests had shown we were both healthy and fertile). About five months after I began seeing Dr. Cherry, and two months after my hysteroscopy procedure, I became pregnant naturally again. Dr. Cherry switched my herbs to a special formula to help prevent miscarriage. I continued to see him every week until my second trimester. Then I began seeing him monthly. Now we are about six weeks away from meeting our baby girl! Through this whole process, Dr. Cherry has been optimistic and supportive. He always takes time to make sure I am comfortable and well. The few times I saw his fellow practitioners, they were very professional and helpful as well. While we do not know for sure what has made this pregnancy any different, but I believe a large part of it has to do with Dr. Cherry’s methods and support. I would recommend his practice to anyone struggling to conceive or maintain a pregnancy!

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    Rebecca –December 2014

    As with most women, starting at the age of 16 I spent my entire 20s preventing pregnancy. After I got married, my husband and I had The Big Talk about when to change that guest room in our house to a nursery. When the agreed upon time was here, I went off birth control and we were both giddy with the excitement of the year ahead of us. Fast-forward 12 months, 30 negative pregnancy tests, one hypothyroid diagnosis and one miscarriage later, our excitement had given way to despair. All hopes had vanished and I was reduced to tears with every pregnancy announcement or baby shower invitation I received in the mail. My OB/GYN referred us to a fertility specialist, but their first appointment wasn’t for 3 months. With the loving support of my husband, we decided to look into what else we could do to take control of the situation. I had used acupuncture in high school to control allergies, so I already knew the many healing properties it can have. After a quick Google search, I found Dr. Cherry. I immediately started weekly appointments with Dr. Cherry. After my husband and I met with the fertility specialist, Dr. Cherry worked alongside my western medicine doctors to support us through our first IUI cycle. Two weeks after the completion of the IUI cycle, the results were in: Pregnant! That was 37 weeks ago. Throughout the pregnancy, I have continued to see Dr. Cherry. He has continued to support me by treating morning sickness, heartburn, swelling and most recently mucous membrane swelling that caused my ears to get congested and infected. As I enter my 9th month of pregnancy, I’m so thankful that I found Dr. Cherry. I strongly recommend him to all my friends whether they are having fertility issues like I did or not. Even those who get pregnant easily could benefit from working with Dr. Cherry for the various physical changes that accompany pregnancy. My husband and I are expecting our little boy in 3 weeks and we are forever thankful to Dr. Cherry for helping us start our family.

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