Oli W

I’ve been married for 3 years, and struggled to conceive. I’ve been to the fertility clinic at Kaiser, went through several testings and labs. Doctors mentioned that we could try as many IUI as we like, but suggested us to go straight to IVF for better success and we should try it this year as the age cutoff for IVF at Kaiser is 43.

Somehow Covid hit, all non-essential clinics such as fertility clinic were suspended to operate for extended period of time. Out of desperation, we’ve seek help from other fertility clinic in town. We’ve landed at CA IVF. After initial consultation with the doctor, we’ve decided to go for our first round of IVF. We’ve tried 2 rounds of IVF treatment, and they were unsuccessful! I was upset as ‘ age factor’ was the only answer I’ve got when I asked ‘what have we tried differently between first and second round of IVF treatments? Could we’ve done 3 day vs 5 day transfer? What can we try differently going forward?’

Prior to the start of the IVF treatment, I’ve reached out to acupuncture fertility clinic. Sylvia was very friendly, professionally explained to me about the benefits of acupuncture in relation to fertility.

Dr. Swasti further explained the treatment protocols she would perform prior, during, and after my IVF treatment. Dr. Swasti went through the whole treatment process with me. She has been very patient, and wise in providing advises. After the failed IVF treatments, we’ve decided to try to conceive naturally again! Each month, she will give me different tips to try!

Two months after the failed IVF treatment, I found out I am pregnant!! I am very thankful to Dr. Swasti and highly recommend everyone to visit her.

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