I was referred to Dr. Cherry to help with my fertility issues by two dear friends that were also seeing him for their own fertility issues. I started seeing him in early 2006. Shortly after I started treatment, one of my friends seeing him found out that she was pregnant. A few months later, my other friend found out she was also pregnant. In October, I too found out the great news: I was pregnant with twins! If just one of us had been successful I may have thought it was coincidence, but all three of us! I honestly believe that the accupuncture treatments we received are the reason we all three have beautiful babies. Dr. Cherry is kind, gentle and I found myself looking forward to my visits each week. Besides it being such a relaxing experience (I often fell asleep during the treatment), Dr. Cherry and his staff became family to me and my husband. Dr. Cherry and his staff will always hold a special place in my heart.

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