Jenny – Auburn, CA– April 2014

After three miscarriages within a year, my husband and I were anxious for things to go differently. We were now classified as having “recurring pregnancy loss” and I hoped that something like acupuncture would help my body sustain another pregnancy. I met with Dr. Cherry and he spent time listening to my story and talking with me about his practice. He advised me to begin acupuncture treatments weekly and put me on some herbal supplements as well. The idea was that he would make sure blood flow to my uterus was healthy and sufficient and that the rest of my body was functioning as well as possible. At the same time, we began seeing a fertility doctor who eventually recommended I have a hysteroscopy procedure to look at and clear out my uterus (all of our tests had shown we were both healthy and fertile). About five months after I began seeing Dr. Cherry, and two months after my hysteroscopy procedure, I became pregnant naturally again. Dr. Cherry switched my herbs to a special formula to help prevent miscarriage. I continued to see him every week until my second trimester. Then I began seeing him monthly. Now we are about six weeks away from meeting our baby girl! Through this whole process, Dr. Cherry has been optimistic and supportive. He always takes time to make sure I am comfortable and well. The few times I saw his fellow practitioners, they were very professional and helpful as well. While we do not know for sure what has made this pregnancy any different, but I believe a large part of it has to do with Dr. Cherry’s methods and support. I would recommend his practice to anyone struggling to conceive or maintain a pregnancy!

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