Anonymous November 2012

I first went to see Dr. Cherry in November 2010 when I was in the middle of my third IUI cycle and feeling desperate. My husband and I had been trying for nearly two years. We had had a miscarriage the previous year and then I couldn’t get pregnant again.
When I went to see Dr. Cherry, I had just started hormone injections for the IUI and I was having a terrible reaction to them. Dr. Cherry immediately put me at ease. He listened.

He gave me a book, The Infertility Cure, and told me to follow certain dietary restrictions and do acupressure points, which made me feel like I was an active participant in achieving my goal: a healthy baby. I remember when he left the room, he smiled and said he guessed I’d get pregnant within a few months. Dr. Cherry gave me hope.

I continued to see Dr. Cherry weekly. The acupuncture got rid of most of the side effects from the hormones, so after a few months I mostly felt like my old self. I felt like Dr. Cherry always listened to my body and the fertility clinic doctors’ protocol, prescribing herbs during my off months and switching up the cocktail when changes needed to be made. It took me a few months longer to get pregnant than we thought, but I did. Every week, he listened to my concerns and health issues. He was compassionate, positive and encouraging. He even recommended an acupuncturist for my husband, who couldn’t make Dr. Cherry’s hours because they conflicted with his work schedule.

After six failed IUI’s, my husband and I decided to do IVF. Dr. Cherry got me ready and came to my embryo transfer to perform the IVF protocol. After I got pregnant, I had regular appointments throughout my pregnancy until I delivered. When I was feeling nauseous during the first few weeks, he got rid of the queasiness. I felt great during most of pregnancy and I attribute that in part to acupuncture. I delivered a healthy boy in spring 2012. I feel I could have never achieved my dream of having a baby if hadn’t done acupuncture with Dr. Cherry. I would recommend him to anyone having trouble getting pregnant.

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