Jennifer– April 2014

After my 1st failed IVF and doing research on my own on the benefits of using acupuncture alongside Assisted Reproductive Technology, I reached out to Dr. Cherry’s office. Hesitant at first of what it would be like to receive acupuncture treatments, I was immediately put at ease by Dr. Cherry and his associates’ professionalism and care to make me feel comfortable. In the weeks and months ahead, I began to experience and feel a difference in my body as I prepared for a 2nd attempt at IVF. On the day of my transfer, one of Dr. Cherry’s associates met me at my IVF clinic and completed a treatment immediately before and after my transfer. I felt more relaxed and prepared this time in part because of using acupuncture alongside my doctor’s expertise. That IVF cycle was successful and I’m now expecting a baby any day! I continued throughout my pregnancy with acupuncture treatments and I know it has helped me maintain a healthy and flawless pregnancy. I honestly do not think I would have had the success I had without the help of Dr. Cherry and his associates. I highly recommend them all!

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