Christine F.

Before in 2014 I did 4 rounds of clomid and nothing took. So I stopped from there. We just sort of left it as if we get pregnant on our own great and if we don’t then we don’t. I should mention that my ovulation times are out of wack and I have irregular periods too. In 2019 I found out that my left fallopian tube is blocked. I had just finished a period at the end of November 2020. In Dec 2020, I decided to try acupuncture because of a TTC group I was part of on FB, someone had mentioned that they go. I googled acupuncture fertility and this place came up. I decided to make my first appt. I met Dr. Swasti and she went over everything and what our goal point was. She gave me homework to track my ovulation for December and she even gave me a book to read too. From there I kept going to acupuncture weekly and taking herbs and other vitamins. Well somewhere in between for December I ended up ovulating because on January 7th 2021 I found out I was finally pregnant with my first baby. I can’t thank Dr. Swasti enough for her help. I couldn’t believe that it happened so fast. We were talking about trying at least 3-6 months. She is very nice and you can tell she is very dedicated to her work. I hope that she is able to help you on your next journey. Her receptionist Sylvia is super nice too.

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