Lynne & Neil March 2011

My husband and I started trying to get pregnant when I was 37. Nothing happened after a couple years of trying, and then I went for fertility shots for two months in a row. We didn’t conceive. However, a couple months later, we were overjoyed when we discovered that we were pregnant. Sadly, we miscarried our first baby at 7 weeks. We got pregnant the following month with our Daughter, and we were devastated when our beautiful little girl was stillborn at 35 weeks. She had a hole in her heart. It would be impossible for us to explain the magnitude of such a loss, so we won’t try. We will only say that there are no words to explain how much we love and miss our little girl. She gave us many gifts, though, and we believe that she watches over us.
With our history, we were scared and lost, and we didn’t know if we would ever realize the miracle of having a baby who would live. We tried to get pregnant, and we were unsuccessful for almost a year, so we decided that we should probably try the fertility shots again. There was a specific Doctor at the Clinic who we wanted to see, as he had been very helpful and had given us hope. He was out of town, so we decided to wait for his return. The Clinic mentioned that while we were waiting that we might want to consider acupuncture, as it had been very helpful to others. They gave us the number for Dr. Cherry’s office, and we think that moment changed the course of our lives.

When we called Dr. Cherry’s office, we felt like we were really going to get the help that we needed. I was given the most amazing care by everyone that I encountered there. We are thrilled and happy (again beyond what words can describe) that we now have a Son who is 10 months old, and he is “happy and healthy, living long and prospering, SUPERBABY!” That was our mantra that we came up with to encourage us when we tried to get pregnant again. More on that later…

When I started getting the acupuncture, I learned that I could by many different factors improve the quality of my eggs, increase my chances of getting pregnant, and increase my chances of staying pregnant. I went to three months of acupuncture, slipped in one round of shots at the fertility clinic, and got pregnant after about 5 months total of acupuncture. When we got the “number” to tell how strong the pregnancy was, Dr. Cherry said something to the effect of …well, with that kind of a number, you either have twins or a super strong pregnancy. After that, we started calling our baby Superbaby, and he is a super baby. He is so happy, healthy, and full of life. He has recently started walking. When we look at him, the love that we have for him takes our breath away. He is perfect; we think that maybe his Sister had a hand in picking him out for us. We are so, so blessed with this amazing gift, and honored to be his parents. I gave birth to him when I was 42, and I went to acupuncture for the whole pregnancy, with my wonderful husband there at every visit. My Son’s birth was beautiful and easy; even though, he was just over 9lbs! Dr. Cherry started preparing me for the birth towards the last few weeks by changing the treatment procedure.

We have had so many beautiful people help us on our journey…friends, family, Sharing Parents (the support group that we started going to after our Daughter passed; we are still involved with them as volunteers), other Doctors, even strangers…and Dr. Cherry and everyone at his office.

The visits to Dr. Cherry’s office were also helpful emotionally and for relaxation, and the kindness that we received there was amazing. Most of all, though, we honestly believe that the acupuncture is what made all the difference for us to have a healthy baby, and for that we will be eternally grateful.

If you are thinking of going to Dr. Cherry’s office DO IT; we think that it is the best chance that you have. If you have had losses, we are so, so sorry. If our story gives just one of the people who read this hope, our job here is done, except to say Thank you a million times to Dr. Cherry and everyone at his office.

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