“I am a mom.” I waited six years to say that simple phrase. Two months before starting my fourth round of IUI (after years of other treatments and procedures) my mother suggested I try acupuncture. Of course I should, why didn’t I think of that before. I started weekly treatments. I felt different after my first treatment …I was relaxed. I had one hour a week that I was allowed to simply relax. I didn’t have to think about the shots, the sadness or the frustration that I had felt every day for the past six years. I just got to be. After the first month, the relaxation followed me beyond my appointments. I was breathing more, I was sleeping better and I had less sever mood swings from all of the hormones. My final round of IUI was not successful and it was time for Invitro. On the day of the transfer I met Dr. Cherry for a pre and post treatment. I walked into my appointment so relaxed. I was ready, my body was ready, it was time.

I remember the day I received the call – “Well, Keri it is a good day for you…you’re definitely pregnant.” Words cannot describe what I felt at that moment.

I kept my weekly acupuncture appointments through my pregnancy and had very few symptoms and those symptoms that I did get were lessened thanks to acupuncture.

I remember the day I delivered Parker. September 23, 2009. Words cannot describe what I felt at that moment.

I know without a doubt that acupuncture helped my body and my mind prepare for pregnancy. I also know without a doubt that acupuncture was a nice thing to do for me. Dr. Cherry and Dr. Horton are absolutely wonderful and create a very warm and compassionate environment for women who are going through a very stressful and sad time in life and for that I am very grateful!

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