Misty, James and Olivia

I can clearly remember the day my husband and I decided to start our family. It was September, fall was on the horizon. We were excited and ready to bring a little one into this world and into the life we had built together. I never imagined that I would have any trouble getting pregnant. After nearly 9 months of trying finally a positive pregnancy test! After just 6 joyous weeks I miscarried. It was a terribly heartbreaking time in both of our lives. Before I knew it, it was September again and still I had no baby. I was crushed over my miscarriage and discouraged. We waited a few months and decided to try again. 5 more months of trying…still I wasn’t pregnant. One day, a friend of mine, suggested I call her acupuncturist who had helped her. I decided, it was worth a try…and how thankful I am that I made that call.

Dr. Cherry’s office and staff were so warm and inviting. Dr. Cherry himself, was so reassuring, calm, answered all of my hundreds of questions each and every time I went in. He took his time with me, our sessions were never rushed. After just two months of sessions at his clinic I was pregnant! I went each week, faithfully, through my first trimester. I felt better than I ever have, I had a successful, healthy pregnancy. I believed in Dr. Cherry, his knowledge, and that because of my experience there I was able get pregnant and deliver a happy healthy baby girl. I have recommended Dr. Cherry time and time again and will continue to do so. I am so grateful for his knowledge and work and thankful for his part in helping build my family.

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