No one ever wants to hear the words “unexplained infertility”….but after four years of trying to conceive, having every blood test known to man, a hysterosalpingogram, and two miscarriages those were the words I heard. These words left me with an overwhelming sense of hopelessness until I found Dr. Cherry. I really did not know much about acupuncture or traditional Asian medicine for that matter but Dr. Cherry came highly recommended to me and I knew in my heart that I had to try everything before giving up on my quest to have a baby. I cannot say enough about my experience while in Dr. Cherry’s care. He is extremely knowledgeable, comforting and compassionate. Dr. Cherry’s knowledge and comforting bedside manner made each visit both uplifting and filled with realistic hope. The end result of the two wonderful years under Dr. Cherry’s care was the ultimate gift, our son who is a healthy and happy 17 month old bundle of joy. Regardless of where you are in your journey to conceive I highly recommend and encourage you to meet with Dr. Cherry.

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