Anne Marie C.

I have had acupuncture in the past for back pain but I never even heard of doing acupuncture for fertility until I decided to move forward with IVF. The clinic where I was being treated gave me this big folder full of information to look through. There was information including research about how acupuncture can improve success rates with IVF. I thought wow these numbers were impressive but didn’t decide to try until I found out I only had one “fair quality” embryo that came back normal. Devastated I decided to do everything in my power to optimize the success of this embryo. I decided to incorporate acupuncture and called Dr. Swasti. She came to my clinic the day of my FET and performed acupuncture before and after and the 50/50 shot my doctors gave me was successful. I have continued to go to Dr. Swasti throughout my pregnancy and am currently 29 weeks. I love going to the clinic. Dr. Swasti is so warm and welcoming and I always feel so relaxed in her presence. I am hoping to use her talents to conceive baby #2 naturally!

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