After struggling for many years to have a baby, my husband and I finally gave in and sought fertility assistance. We were advised that IVF would be our best bet. At our first appointment we were giving a folder with different resources, one being Acupuncture Fertility Specialists. With our diagnosis and the money we were about to spend this was a logical step to take to try to get the best possible outcome.

I will say this is one of the best decisions we made. The office is very inviting and Sylvia is so helpful with navigating the process. Swasti is the best! At my first appointment she walked me through the process in detail, gave me some homework and a great book to refer to. They have been a big part of my care team through this whole process! From pre-retrieval to transfer and now during my pregnancy. I am so thankful we found this office to help us walk this journey. Whether it’s been in preparation of some part of the IVF process or if I’m having any other ailments or just want to relax AFS has been there. I would recommend their services to anyone trying to get the best chance at conceiving.

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