My husband and I started seeing Dr. Cherry when we were trying to get pregnant (through in-vitro) with our 3rd child. I had done accupuncture in the past for my twin pregnancy, but had never had treatment like I have had with Dr. Cherry’s office. Dr. Cherry saw us through most of our 5 cycles it took to get pregnant with baby #3. He is so personable and I feel like I could share anything with him. He’s in tune not only with your physical well-being, but your emotional. I never felt rushed and often times he would just sit down and chat with me about my fears, concerns or even excitement.

I have also found Dr. Cherry to be much more aggressive (in a good way) with his treatments. He knows the research and has excellent protocols for accupuncture during fertility cycles. He is completely available which made the often stressful process of IVF a tad easier. Going to Dr. Cherry during my treatments was a highlight of the process.

I will continue to see Dr. Cherry throughout my pregnancy and beyond. He is a major player in us fullfilling our dreams of having another child.

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