Wayne & Eiko

My husband and I never had doubt that we would conceive whenever we decided to start a family, but we were wrong. We went to see the fertility specialist and had a test to determine a cause of infertility. We were diagnosed with “unexplained infertility” and were recommended to start taking medications to stimulate ovulation. We still believed we would conceive soon with some treatment. We were wrong again. Over the next 2 years we went through 1 cycle of IUI and 7 cycles of IVF and still had not conceived. We were very frustrated and medications drove me physically and emotionally crazy. We felt we had enough of these approaches and decided to try naturally. Several years had passed, without any luck. We started to accept the fact that we would live our lives without any child. However, when I turned 38 years old, I strongly felt that I would like to try one more time.

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