Rebecca –December 2014

As with most women, starting at the age of 16 I spent my entire 20s preventing pregnancy. After I got married, my husband and I had The Big Talk about when to change that guest room in our house to a nursery. When the agreed upon time was here, I went off birth control and we were both giddy with the excitement of the year ahead of us. Fast-forward 12 months, 30 negative pregnancy tests, one hypothyroid diagnosis and one miscarriage later, our excitement had given way to despair. All hopes had vanished and I was reduced to tears with every pregnancy announcement or baby shower invitation I received in the mail. My OB/GYN referred us to a fertility specialist, but their first appointment wasn’t for 3 months. With the loving support of my husband, we decided to look into what else we could do to take control of the situation. I had used acupuncture in high school to control allergies, so I already knew the many healing properties it can have. After a quick Google search, I found Dr. Cherry. I immediately started weekly appointments with Dr. Cherry. After my husband and I met with the fertility specialist, Dr. Cherry worked alongside my western medicine doctors to support us through our first IUI cycle. Two weeks after the completion of the IUI cycle, the results were in: Pregnant! That was 37 weeks ago. Throughout the pregnancy, I have continued to see Dr. Cherry. He has continued to support me by treating morning sickness, heartburn, swelling and most recently mucous membrane swelling that caused my ears to get congested and infected. As I enter my 9th month of pregnancy, I’m so thankful that I found Dr. Cherry. I strongly recommend him to all my friends whether they are having fertility issues like I did or not. Even those who get pregnant easily could benefit from working with Dr. Cherry for the various physical changes that accompany pregnancy. My husband and I are expecting our little boy in 3 weeks and we are forever thankful to Dr. Cherry for helping us start our family.

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