Dr. Cherry and his staff are AMAZING! My story is a bit non-traditional. After delivering a stillborn at 37 week we were devastated. 5 months later I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. After a double mastectomy my cycles were irregular due in part to all the trauma my body had just been through. My doctors needed to start me on medication for the Cancer that could prevent me from having more children so it was important that I became pregnant quickly.
We became very discouraged at our failed attempts and were about to give up all hope when I started see Dr. Cherry. While under his care I became pregnant and continued to see him throughout my pregnancy until my beautiful baby girl was born……healthy and happy….our miracle!!

Dr. Cherry is a wonderful person who is gentle, warm and caring. He gives hope just when you think there is no more to give. I truly believe that we would not have been able to conceive if it were not for the treatment and care that Dr. Cherry so wonderfully gave us.

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