Sadly I lost my first child to a miscarriage in my second trimester, shortly thereafter was where my infertility story began. My husband and I spent a couple of years trying to conceive again with no success. During that time I went to a fertility clinic, took fertility medications, even underwent laparoscopic surgery to find the answers, and yet still was sent home with a confident “unexplained infertility” diagnosis. After months of fertility medications and negative pregnancy tests, I began to have more hot flashes than hope. I decided to break from all the shots & pills and discontinued all fertility meds and treatments. When a dear friend recommended acupuncture and specifically Dr. Cherry’s office, I went in with my fingers crossed and an open mind to Eastern medicine. After 6 short weeks under treatment I read “positive” on a pregnancy test just as Dr. Cherry assured me would happen. I continued treatment thru the duration of my pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby boy 9 months later. Dr. Cherry & his associate, Jennifer Horton, provided me with medical care that alleviated my nausea and relieved my sciatica pain mid-pregnancy, but more importantly they gave me immeasurable hope, eased my anxiousness over miscarriage, and sustained my pregnancy with their enthusiasm and encouragement. They are practitioners with sharp minds, open ears and big hearts. It’s been an honor to have been one of their patients. I have and will continue to passionately recommend friends to Dr. Cherry’s office. And when we decide our family needs to grow some more, I will seektheir hands again.

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