Shila Johnson

Swasti is the best acupuncturist in the Town, may be in state, she does her work with grace, wisdom and big smiles in her face. I love seeing her every weekend and I wait for my session with her. She cured me with my allergies, muscle pain and twitching, back and knee pain. On top of all she cured my 4 years of infertility. I lost my 8 years old boy 5 years ago in accident, since then I and my husband trying to conceive hoping to have a baby again. But wasn’t been able to conceive. All my blood work are normal and no OBGYN knows why I dint conceive, so they gave me unexplained infertility. But it is really hard to take it. And I end up seeking alternative medicine and I found Swasti, she is the best and within 4 months of acupuncture treatment i conceived and now i am pregnant and me and my husband can’t thank Swasti for her help. Highly recommend her and her clinic.

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