Here are personal stories of patients who’ve been helped by Acupuncture Fertility Specialists. If you’d like to share your story, please contact us!

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That Bond Forever

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Misty, James and Olivia

I can clearly remember the day my husband and I decided to start our family. It was September, fall was on the horizon. We were excited and ready to bring a little one into this world and into the life we had built together. I never imagined that I would have any trouble getting pregnant. After nearly 9 months of trying finally a positive pregnancy test! After just 6 joyous weeks I miscarried. It was a terribly heartbreaking time in both of our lives. Before I knew it, it was September again and still I had no baby. I was crushed over my miscarriage and discouraged. We waited a few months and decided to try again. 5 more months of trying…still I wasn’t pregnant. One day, a friend of mine, suggested I call her acupuncturist who had helped her. I decided, it was worth a try…and how thankful I am that I made that call.

Dr. Cherry’s office and staff were so warm and inviting. Dr. Cherry himself, was so reassuring, calm, answered all of my hundreds of questions each and every time I went in. He took his time with me, our sessions were never rushed. After just two months of sessions at his clinic I was pregnant! I went each week, faithfully, through my first trimester. I felt better than I ever have, I had a successful, healthy pregnancy. I believed in Dr. Cherry, his knowledge, and that because of my experience there I was able get pregnant and deliver a happy healthy baby girl. I have recommended Dr. Cherry time and time again and will continue to do so. I am so grateful for his knowledge and work and thankful for his part in helping build my family.

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After 3 unsuccessful attempts at IVF, my husband and I were ready to give up on infertility treatments. We decided to give it one last try and were referred to Dr. Cherry by a friend. Dr Cherry was caring and compassionate towards helping achieve success with fertility as well as my overall health. I truly believe that Dr. Cherry’s acupuncture treatments made the difference and we are now looking forward to the upcoming birth of our twins!

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Our path to conceiving a child wasn’t the easy road we expected it to be. However, it was made much easier by Dr. Cherry and his staff. After trying to conceive for more than a year, we discovered that my cycles were very abnormal and that we also had male fertility issues, which meant that IVF was our only chance at conceiving the child we so desperately wanted. A close friend who had also been through IVF recommended that I go to Dr. Cherry for acupuncture prior to and during the IVF process. I didn’t know much about acupuncture before that but thought I would give it a try. Dr. Cherry’s bedside manner and calming spirit immediately put me at ease and helped me relax during what is a very emotionally draining and physically stressful process.
Within weeks, my cycles became more regular and my usual monthly issues, like terrible cramps, went away. Although our first IVF was unsuccessful, I continued to visit Dr. Cherry in preparation for another attempt. Those visits not only helped prepare my body to go through the process again, but helped me heal and deal with the pain of our first attempt not succeeding. It all paid off in the end when we found out we are expecting twins!

I have continued to visit Dr. Cherry throughout my pregnancy and his treatments really helped with my morning sickness, back issues and other pregnancy woes. I cannot stress how much I appreciate all he has done to help my husband and I realize our dream of having children. I truly don’t believe this all would have come together without him.

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Graham and Kacie

My husband and I decided to start trying for our first child just after our 2 year anniversary. We were both 28 and thought it may take a few months, but weren’t really sure. We found out about 6 months in that I was not ovulating. My doctor put me on Clomid to stimulate ovulation. After the first two rounds with nothing happening, I became quite discouraged. Someone gave me Dr. Cherry’s name so I decided it was worth a try. I started seeing Dr. Cherry in September 2010. I got a positive ovulation test by November and was so excited! Two months later I became pregnant with our first child!
Every week I looked forward to my time with Dr. Cherry and his staff. They became friends I got to see weekly. Even throughout the pregnancy, I was sad when my appointments went from weekly to monthly. But overall, I credit Dr. Cherry with helping my husband and I welcome our beautiful baby girl into our lives and become wonderful friends at the same time. I look forward to the time I get to go back for future pregnancies!

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Sadly I lost my first child to a miscarriage in my second trimester, shortly thereafter was where my infertility story began. My husband and I spent a couple of years trying to conceive again with no success. During that time I went to a fertility clinic, took fertility medications, even underwent laparoscopic surgery to find the answers, and yet still was sent home with a confident “unexplained infertility” diagnosis. After months of fertility medications and negative pregnancy tests, I began to have more hot flashes than hope. I decided to break from all the shots & pills and discontinued all fertility meds and treatments. When a dear friend recommended acupuncture and specifically Dr. Cherry’s office, I went in with my fingers crossed and an open mind to Eastern medicine. After 6 short weeks under treatment I read “positive” on a pregnancy test just as Dr. Cherry assured me would happen. I continued treatment thru the duration of my pregnancy and delivered a healthy baby boy 9 months later. Dr. Cherry & his associate, Jennifer Horton, provided me with medical care that alleviated my nausea and relieved my sciatica pain mid-pregnancy, but more importantly they gave me immeasurable hope, eased my anxiousness over miscarriage, and sustained my pregnancy with their enthusiasm and encouragement. They are practitioners with sharp minds, open ears and big hearts. It’s been an honor to have been one of their patients. I have and will continue to passionately recommend friends to Dr. Cherry’s office. And when we decide our family needs to grow some more, I will seektheir hands again.

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After experiencing the loss of 2 of my babies, one in my 2nd trimester and one in my first trimester, I was extremely depressed and in need of some answers to why I had these repeated losses. My OBGYN had suggested that I go to a local fertility clinic to begin a large array of tests which ended up leading me to more anxiety and stress, and was costly.

Many of the tests came back normal with the exception of a low antral folical count which was most likely due to my maternal age of 38. It was recommended that we do FSH injections which my husband and I weren’t comfortable with so we decided to try a different approach to getting pregnant. Dr. Cherry was recommended to us by friends who we met from a local infant loss support group. I didn’t know much about acupuncture, but was willing to try something different and less envasive to getting pregnant.

When I first met Dr. Cherry, I was extremely impressed by his professionalism and his throroughness during my assessment. He truly loves what he does and it shows. I had so many questions about acupuncture and he answered all of them and explained them completely. He was very understanding of my situation and showed true empathy for the losses that my husband and I experienced. After I was given a diagnosis, I was placed on a program that consisted of taking herbs, changing my diet and having acupuncture treatments. I was amazed at how I began feeling better both physically and emotionally after only several treatments. I was thrilled when I got pregnant naturally in only 5 months after my 2nd loss. I went for weekly treatments until the end of my first trimester and then monthly sessions for the remainder of the pregnancy. The treatments that I received during my pregnancy helped my overall being. I felt less nauseated and more optimistic about the pregnancy. I would always look forward to my appointments knowing that I would have a chance to relax and I always left the office feeling better than when I went in. At one point later in the pregnancy, I was diagnosed with syatica which I was told by my Doctor that I would most likely have during the rest of the pregnancy and may need to quit work early. I couldn’t walk without excruciating pain. After 2 sessions with Dr. Cherry, I had no pain and was able to walk again and continue working until I went on maternity leave.

I am now happy to say that we have a healthy baby boy who is one week old. I am so grateful for the care that I have received by Dr. Cherry and his staff. Thank you Dr. Cherry for helping make this pregnancy a success and for your caring approach towards my treatment. I would highly recommend Dr. Cherry and his colleagues to anybody who is struggling with fertility issues and wants to try a different approach to getting pregnant.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


My husband and I were pleasantly surprised when we got pregnant with our son on our very first try. When we decided to have another child, I knew that it might not happen the first time, but never thought we would be trying over a year and struggling with Secondary Infertility.
After my OB had me try clomid 4 times with no success, I was referred to an RE where he diagnosed me with PCOS. He told us that we would probably only get pregnant again if we used injectible medication + IUI. I was stunned because we didn’t have any problems conceiving our first child and now was told I would have to undergo very invasive and costly treatment in order to have a hope of having more children. After discussing it over, we decided to try other alternatives for 4-6 months before we jumped into the world of infertility drugs/treatment. A friend had mentioned that acupuncture can help with a plethora of things, including fertility.

I contacted Dr. Cherry’s office and decided to go through with a consult to see what he would suggest or if there was anything he could do to help. He was so warm and I really felt at ease. He was very optimistic about my situation; however, did not make any promises. He said that he would suggest acupuncture for 4-6 mo, but if I still was not pregnant to look back into the fertility treatments. I was very happy with his suggestion because it was exactly what my husband and I had agreed upon earlier. We started treatment right away, at the beginning of Aug. and I felt so relaxed and could feel my attitude AND body changing…inside and out. I had not had any kind of a cycle since the end of May and by Oct. 1st (only 2 months of seeing Dr. Cherry) I had my first period in almost 5 months. I never thought I would be so happy about that, but it was the 1st outward sign that my body was doing what it was supposed to. I felt like it was a start…but was ECSTATIC to find out it was the start of something much more…I got pregnant that 1st cycle!! We welcomed our baby girl July 12, 2011!

There are not enough kind things that I could say about Dr. Cherry, Ariele, and Val. The entire staff is so warm and you can feel how much they care and are invested in each of their patients. I looked forward to each of my visits (I am POSITIVE I have never said that about any of my doctors) and left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Dr. Cherry does not only treat your specific problem, but you as a whole person. I loved my experience with Dr. Cherry and know that when we try for our 3rd child I will be excited to have Dr. Cherry by my side and helping me along the way.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Lynne & Neil March 2011

My husband and I started trying to get pregnant when I was 37. Nothing happened after a couple years of trying, and then I went for fertility shots for two months in a row. We didn’t conceive. However, a couple months later, we were overjoyed when we discovered that we were pregnant. Sadly, we miscarried our first baby at 7 weeks. We got pregnant the following month with our Daughter, and we were devastated when our beautiful little girl was stillborn at 35 weeks. She had a hole in her heart. It would be impossible for us to explain the magnitude of such a loss, so we won’t try. We will only say that there are no words to explain how much we love and miss our little girl. She gave us many gifts, though, and we believe that she watches over us.
With our history, we were scared and lost, and we didn’t know if we would ever realize the miracle of having a baby who would live. We tried to get pregnant, and we were unsuccessful for almost a year, so we decided that we should probably try the fertility shots again. There was a specific Doctor at the Clinic who we wanted to see, as he had been very helpful and had given us hope. He was out of town, so we decided to wait for his return. The Clinic mentioned that while we were waiting that we might want to consider acupuncture, as it had been very helpful to others. They gave us the number for Dr. Cherry’s office, and we think that moment changed the course of our lives.

When we called Dr. Cherry’s office, we felt like we were really going to get the help that we needed. I was given the most amazing care by everyone that I encountered there. We are thrilled and happy (again beyond what words can describe) that we now have a Son who is 10 months old, and he is “happy and healthy, living long and prospering, SUPERBABY!” That was our mantra that we came up with to encourage us when we tried to get pregnant again. More on that later…

When I started getting the acupuncture, I learned that I could by many different factors improve the quality of my eggs, increase my chances of getting pregnant, and increase my chances of staying pregnant. I went to three months of acupuncture, slipped in one round of shots at the fertility clinic, and got pregnant after about 5 months total of acupuncture. When we got the “number” to tell how strong the pregnancy was, Dr. Cherry said something to the effect of …well, with that kind of a number, you either have twins or a super strong pregnancy. After that, we started calling our baby Superbaby, and he is a super baby. He is so happy, healthy, and full of life. He has recently started walking. When we look at him, the love that we have for him takes our breath away. He is perfect; we think that maybe his Sister had a hand in picking him out for us. We are so, so blessed with this amazing gift, and honored to be his parents. I gave birth to him when I was 42, and I went to acupuncture for the whole pregnancy, with my wonderful husband there at every visit. My Son’s birth was beautiful and easy; even though, he was just over 9lbs! Dr. Cherry started preparing me for the birth towards the last few weeks by changing the treatment procedure.

We have had so many beautiful people help us on our journey…friends, family, Sharing Parents (the support group that we started going to after our Daughter passed; we are still involved with them as volunteers), other Doctors, even strangers…and Dr. Cherry and everyone at his office.

The visits to Dr. Cherry’s office were also helpful emotionally and for relaxation, and the kindness that we received there was amazing. Most of all, though, we honestly believe that the acupuncture is what made all the difference for us to have a healthy baby, and for that we will be eternally grateful.

If you are thinking of going to Dr. Cherry’s office DO IT; we think that it is the best chance that you have. If you have had losses, we are so, so sorry. If our story gives just one of the people who read this hope, our job here is done, except to say Thank you a million times to Dr. Cherry and everyone at his office.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Hello everyone, My husband and I moved to California in July . We just wanted to move away leaving all our painful memories in Buffalo NY. My husband and I were devastated with my 3 miscarriages and we were willing to try one last time or go in for adoption. That is when we found about Dr. Cherry and came to know more about him through some friends and research. Finally we met with him and we felt so comfortable and reassured .
I went in for 4 months for treatment and the next thing I know I had conceived . It was unbelievable . I also went to him for miscarriage prevention and it really helped me to overcome my anxiety and irrational fears. In fact I always looked forward to my visits as he was kind, caring and compassionate and I could see it in him. That is the primary reason why I chose to get treated by him. I loved his staff, they were professional, caring, flexible and always willing to help you with appointments and also boost your morale when you are down.

I am currently 6 months pregnant and am due in September. I would highly and happily recommend Dr. Cherry for any fertility treatment. Every woman deserves to be a mother and there is lot of hope and positive energy when you meet with Dr. Cherry. Once you start your treatment with him, you will know that you are in good hands . My husband and I are eternally grateful to you sir and you truly have changed our lives for the better. We are ever thankful to you and your staff.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Angela & Donald

I don’t know where to start besides a big Thank you to Dr. Cherry and your staff for giving my husband and I our special gift. After being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in June 2009 after trying to conceive I was told fertility medication would be the only way for us to have children. We decided to try pills and after 7 failed rounds and being told injections was the only way I found Dr. Cherry online by faith. I began treatment in October of 2009 and enjoyed every moment and became very close to Dr. Cherry and Val. They gave me constant hope and positive feelings at every moment of my journey. After 5 months of treatment I decided I needed a personal break from all of the baby things after no successful ovulation, Little did I know I had ovulated and became pregnant!!! 1 week after I found out I called Dr. Cherry and told him the amazing news, I think we were both shocked. I had not ovulated in 14 months and through all of Dr. Cherry’s expertise and determination here I am 15 weeks pregnant with the most precious gift anyone can ever receive. When you feel all of your hope and prayers have failed you; having that special person(s) to guide you through day to day and give you positive energy and a sense of well being can change your life. That is what Dr. Cherry has done for me. I will forever be grateful…