This place is an amazing clinic. Starting in the front desk, you meet Sylvia who is the most helpful, sweet, and courteous welcoming lady. Sometimes you see James in the front desk, a very kind and helpful person as well, who never stops smiling at you. My journey began when I started IVF treatment, and I got pregnant in my second cycle, so I had my son at 49 years old. Then, I thought I would get pregnant right away, but didn’t happen. So, I tried to get pregnant for a second time with IVF for several times and years without any luck until I met Dr. Swasti. The first time I met her I knew she was the right…
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Margaret Kane

Swasti Shrestha is a great acupuncturist, and I wholeheartedly recommend her for a wide range of treatments.  I first started going to this practice in the early 90s with breast-feeding troubles, then later they cured my chronic bronchitis.  They have helped with post-surgery recovery and a range of other ailments.  The office does so much more than just help infertility.   The office staff is also great and if you think that you might want to give acupuncture a try, this is the place to go to!

Shashidhar Jonchhe

I was looking for so many clinics to get the right Acupuncture clinic for my fertility issues and also for my mom’s hip pain. And I am glad I found acupuncture fertility specialist, Dr Swasti is amazing and very helpful and I am already having positive response from her Acupuncture and herbs prescription. Also my mother is feeling much better. I highly recommend friends and family to visit Acupuncture fertility specialist clinic.

Carol J

I did multiple embryo transfer with the IVF but dint work, and had only one Embryo left and through my friend I heard about “Acupuncture Fertility Specialists” and met Dr Swasti. She is very knowledgeable and caring. She explained How Acupuncture works in terms of fertility, which is great to know. I did acupuncture couple of month before the embryo transfer and the day of my Embryo Transfer. This time it really worked and I am pregnant now. I highly recommend “Acupuncture Fertility Specialists”.

Renee Calhoun

I was diagnosed with low ovarian reserve. On ultrasound my ovaries had about three eggs on each side, half of what I should have at the age of 34, and my FSH is 17.7, and my AMH is 0.335. I did two IUI’s without medications with frozen sperm, then two WITH medication, and no success. My doctor said I should prepare for IVF. I started reading “Making Babies” by Sami S. David and it talked about not only all the little issues that could be preventing pregnancy (like too acidic cervical mucous, pelvic infections you don’t even know you have, inflammatory issues, etc), but how beneficial acupuncture and Chinese medicine can be when trying to conceive. I was desperate. I…
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Sajjad Ali

Dr, swasti fertility specialists are amazing. She is so kind and helpful and also her staff so nice . For my spermatozoa motility issue 3 months ago I visited to Dr, swasti that time my motility value was only 1 % but after 3 months Dr, swasti treatment now the value is 48%  ( Al humdulilah) thanks God . I also want to thanks to DR, swasti and her team !!!!!!!

NN of El Dorado Hills

My husband and I had one wish. For the longest time we so badly wanted a beautiful healthy baby. After going through countless days and nights with fertility appointments, injections, and treatments, we were so scared, nervous, anxious, yet so extremely excited all at the same time. We had so many mixed emotions throughout this journey but would not have made it through it all without Dr. Cherry, Dr. Floyd and the rest of his staff. Dr. Cherry is one of a kind. He is kind hearted, generous, and such a knowledgeable provider. They call him “the baby whisperer” for a reason! He instantly knows how to put you at ease and I whole-heartedly trust him in providing care for…
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Our birth story was a long and trying one. Dr. Cherry ended up being the light at the end of the tunnel and we will be forever thankful. At age 35, we tried to conceive a child. A year later after no luck, we got referred to a fertility clinic. We went through all of the procedures from clomid on up to IVF. Nothing worked. A friend referred me to Dr. Cherry about a month before the IVF treatment. I kept working with Dr. Cherry after the failed IVF and my plan was to keep working with him for about 6 months before we would try a second attempt at IVF. With Dr. Cherry’s help and a leave of absence…
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Doctor Cherry has been an invaluable source of knowledge, comfort and emotional support throughout my journey with infertility. I truly believe that acupuncture has played a significant role in balancing my physical and emotional health and has contributed to the success of my current pregnancy. Thank you for all that you have done, and continue to do and for giving me much needed hope and encouragement.


My husband and I started seeing Dr. Cherry when we were trying to get pregnant (through in-vitro) with our 3rd child. I had done accupuncture in the past for my twin pregnancy, but had never had treatment like I have had with Dr. Cherry’s office. Dr. Cherry saw us through most of our 5 cycles it took to get pregnant with baby #3. He is so personable and I feel like I could share anything with him. He’s in tune not only with your physical well-being, but your emotional. I never felt rushed and often times he would just sit down and chat with me about my fears, concerns or even excitement. I have also found Dr. Cherry to be…
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